US Fish and Wildlife Service Denies Double Crested Cormorant Depredation Permits

Numerous U.S. fish farms are at risk of severe cormorant predation and devastating financial injury that could have been avoided. After losing the first round of a lawsuit, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has been prevented from extending the recently expired depredation order for double-crested cormorants. The FWS was found to have not […]

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Why You Should be Eating More Seafood

Love your heart. Eat your seafood! Did you know… October is National Seafood Month?! So take the Healthy Heart Pledge and eat at least two servings of seafood each week. It will help you and your family improve your health. Basilmomma Heather Tallman and Brian Truax, from Falling Waters Farm, explain how!  

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Pentair’s Live Tilapia Feed

This is a live video image of Tank D1, which was stocked with 2,800 Tilapia on August 19, 2016. fish are fed automatically by our r=a robotic feeding system every hour., beginning at 15 minutes after midnight each day, US Daylight Savings Time for the eastern time zone. Feeding times are 0015, 0115, 0215…., and […]

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“The Working Waterfront” Film Takes a New Look at American Aquaculture

That’s the question posed by “The Working Waterfront,” a new film from Living Ocean Productions, which aims to educate consumers on the current status of aquaculture in the United States. The film can be viewed on YouTube. “The Working Waterfront” looks at four established farms raising catfish in Alabama, salmon in Washington state, and oysters […]

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Soy Aquaculture Alliance Sponsors the ISFNF

Soy Aquaculture Alliance is proud to announce their sponsorship of the 2016 International Symposium on Fish Nutrition and Feeding. The ISFNF is the premier international forum for researchers, academics and industry concerned with the nutrition and feeding of aquatic animals. The five-day symposium is being held at the Sun Valley Resort located in Ketchum, Idaho […]

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Meet a Fish Farmer Video Series

The International Soy in Aquaculture Program of the U.S. Soybean Export Council has been producing short, educational videos on different key aspects of sustainable aquaculture operations around the world. The series includes four videos as follows: The Pacifico Partnership – reviews the entire aquaculture process, from hatch to harvest, of Hubbs Sea World Research Institute […]

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The F3 Challenge Prize

The F3 Prize – Fish Free Feed Challenge to encourage innovation in novel proteins and lipids in aquaculture diets The Monterey Bay Aquarium, the New England Aquarium, the University of Arizona and the organizers of the X-Prize are sponsoring a $100,000 prize to encourage additional innovation in the use of novel protein and lipid sources […]

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