Our mission statement provides Soy Aquaculture Alliance with purpose and strategic direction for our day-to-day activities. In short, this is “what we do” as an organization:

“Building partnerships for abundant, healthy, homegrown seafood.”

SAA’s mission is driven by its board of directors, comprised of members from the soy, aquaculture and seafood industries. Since SAA’s formation in October 2011, the board has focused on two primary goals: collaboration among members of the core industries it serves and facilitating essential aquaculture research.

To promote collaboration and connect the supply and demand sides of its mission, SAA is bringing together engaged soy, aquaculture and seafood stakeholders and guiding them in collaborations designed to enhance their own businesses, as well as benefit their industries.

To further its goal to encourage needed research, last year SAA released its first request for research proposals, which culminated in one-year funding for research initiatives in key areas.

“SAA is unique in its focus. It’s all about collaboration and research to drive growth in the U.S. aquaculture sector. The ultimate goal is to benefit suppliers of seafood, soy and fish feed with new opportunities for growth and consumers with access to affordable, healthy seafood.” – Bob Miller, member from Pentair