“Catch On! This is more than a catchy advertising slogan, it’s our rally cry to ensure that U.S. aquaculture catches on. It’s an invitation to connect, keep in touch and make a difference,” says Bill Bayliss, chairman of the SAA board of directors. “It’s our promise to the U.S. domestic aquaculture industry and to the members of the Soy Aquaculture Alliance.”

“We believe establishing relationships and building connections among soy, aquaculture and seafood value chain stakeholders is crucial to helping aquaculture catch on. This is imperative as wild-capture fish production cannot sustainably meet the rising global demand for seafood in the decades ahead,” adds SAA Executive Director Bridget Owen.

We have the will. We have the work ethic. And we have the market. The U.S. is the second largest consumer of seafood in the world, yet we import 85 percent of our seafood. That’s roughly one out of every nine fish served at Friday night fish fry’s, local restaurants and dinner tables around the country. To change that, we need a community of committed stakeholders to grow aquaculture production within our borders. Producers. Processors. Suppliers. Researchers. Educators. Entrepreneurs. Legislators. All of us, working together so we’re ensuring aquaculture catches on, right here and right now.

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